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Why Teach With Us

PaperVideo is a small team of highly dedicated, motivated, and hard-working individuals committed to helping talented freelancers like you to thrive in India's growing online education industry.

PaperVideo teachers earn a very competitive compensation for the hours they teach

Earn Money

  • ₹1250 - ₹2000 per hour of video
  • Earn up to ₹40,000 per month, working part-time from home
  • 70% of all the sales from the papervideo platform
  • Flexible working hours, work from home, and no minimum time commitment
PaperVideo will give free training and support for their teachers


  • Free training and certifications to create your online courses
  • Marketing support on how to sign up students and grow your online brand
  • Live and continuous support from the Papervideo team
PaperVideo will help teachers build their community


  • Launch your online brand
  • Build a community of students without any investment
  • Exposure to an international audience

Exceptional Opportunity

Thrive in India's fastest growing online market: the online education space

8.6B USD

online learning market size


# of potential students in India


increases in online courses in 2020


courses in different languages

Choose Your Payment Plan

Choose how you would like to get paid on PaperVideo. We have three different payment plans to suit the needs of every freelancer. You can pick the payment method according to your convenience.

PaperVideo different payment plans for course creators

Hourly Basis

We pay competitive rates of between ₹ 1000 - 2000 per hour depending upon your experience and the course you want to teach

PaperVideo different payment plans for course creators

Commission based

You get to keep 70% of the revenue generated from the course till the entire lifetime of the course

PaperVideo different payment plans for course creators


We pay you ₹ 500 - 750 per hour + 30% of all the revenue generated from the course

A platform to motivate yourself

I come across this learning platform two months back. It is a perfect platform to explore your skill and earn a decent amount of money. It is not just a source of earning but also a place to motivate yourself.

Omkar Kulkarni
Course Creator at PaperVideo

Start teaching
Sumit is a leading marketing video and content creator at PaperVideo

Teach What you know

We want to work with creative and motivated individuals and freelancers who want to teach their skills and expertise to the world.

Discover Your Potential

Plan your course

Pick any topic that you are passionate about and have the skills. If you truly love what you do, then you can create a great course that your students will love. Once your topic is locked down, plan your lectures in Google Docs, Microsoft Excel, or your favorite notebook. 

You get to teach the way you want — even create courses in multiple languages and inspire more students.

Real mock up image of planning your PaperVideo course on the PaperVideo app

Record Your Course

Next step is to work with our team to create a great course structure. Once your course structure is finalised, you can start recording your courses and building you course by adding additional optional assignments, course materials, etc. 

Our team will help you throughout your journey with relevant feedback and training. 

Real mock up image of recording your PaperVideo lecture on the PaperVideo app

Build Your Community

Once live, you can sign up students from around the world to learn from you. Our team will assist you through our marketing and partner channels to sign up students to your courses as well.

You can sell follow up courses and personalised services to your student community.

Real mock up image of planning your PaperVideo students on the papervideo app
The Entire papervideo team image on a lunch out

About PaperVideo

The PaperVideo team comprises teachers, curriculum developers, managers, designers, marketers, and technology experts.

Even though we come from diverse backgrounds and have different experiences, our passion for education and our belief in its transformative power is shared.

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