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Why Copywriters Are Important Than Others In The Organization

Karan Shah
September 27, 2021

The first thing you must do right now is getting a copywriter,

Yes, you heard me, what are you waiting for, don’t waste precious time. It’s minimal.

If you do already have an in-house or go-to copywriter, you’re almost certainly going to do this: Shower your copywriter with a lot of compliments. And offer him a big fat raise for all his hard work.


Because copywriting is more important than everything else in the business.

There, I said it.

Oh – you beg to differ, do you?

Well, let’s make some little comparisons then, and I’ll prove it to you.

Why copywriters are more critical than SEO executive 

Search engine optimization (SEO) executives have a unique talent to boost your website onto the first page of Google and generate massive traffic of potential customers, right?


Copywriters do.

Since Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm changes, SEO has fundamentally relied on quality content. Not on blindly putting the right amount of keywords into unusually-written articles and creating as many spammy backlinks as possible.

Sure, backlinks are essential. And also some onsite optimization.

Google now rewards websites primarily for their ability to hold the target audience, along with their skill to drive and persuade the potential customer to interact with the site and click on the desired calls-to-action (Google understands this through monitoring the bounce rate, page depth, and time spent on the site).

And how do you keep potential customers/visitors stick to the page?

Through exceptionally written, relevant, valuable, captivating content.

And who best to do this excellent task?

That’s right… a copywriter.

Especially a creative one.

And when it comes to building backlinks, this excellent, relevant content will be shared and linked to from other people’s blogs and sites – which is precisely the kind of organic backlinking that Google now rewards.

(If you want to be an expert in SEO copywriting, check out this renowned course created by Heather Lloyd-Martin at secopywriting.com


Why copywriters are more critical than graphic designers

Designers are pretty important. I’m not a bad guy here.

Without a designer’s creative talent and mathematical eye, you wouldn’t create any brands. Or beautiful, visitor-tempting websites. Or memorable and aesthetically charming ads.

And that’s why companies hire a lot of graphic designers than they do copywriters.

Which is wrong. Because copy is more important than design.

Just wait. I will defend this bold statement.

Let’s say you want to learn Hindi, and you’re searching online for a course. You arrive on the landing page of an aesthetically designed, heavily branded website with polished colors which pleases your eyes. The headline reads, “We help you learn Language lessons. Buy, buy, here today – You won’t regret it!”. And the body copy is equally terrible.

Would you read on, or would you continue?

I think the answer’s obvious.

Now let’s say you arrive on another landing page. This time the site design is pretty okay, just a simple, outdated WordPress template that has been put together by someone who is not a graphic designer. But the headline reads, “Learn Fluent Hindi from Scratch in 90 Days or Your Money Back”. And the body copy is hugely compelling, persuasive, personal, and complete reasons why this course is the perfect fit for you.

What do you think, which course are you more likely to buy? Or at least inquire about?

There are few successful bloggers and social media experts whose website designs are not so exceptional. Yet, their headlines and blog content are fascinating and dripping with value. This is why they have huge readerships and paying customers.

If their content were stupid, they wouldn’t. Simple as that.

Copywriting king Bob Bly explores the debate on his blog, where he quotes marketing consultant Ruth Stevens arguing that copy is more important than design in advertising:

“When the ad intends to motivate a response, it’s about selling, persuasion, and the call to action,” writes Stevens. “These appeals are delivered in WORDS and SENTENCES.”

Are you convinced yet?

Why copywriters are more important than social media consultants 

Copywriters and social media consultants know who is more critical, and I also forgot the whole world knows.

Why? Because social media marketing promotes your brand and route traffic towards your website and offers a time-consuming process.

If the copy on your web page is bland and lifeless, then your social media efforts will go in vain.

So make sure your foundations are solid, and your copy is compelling to reel those potential customers back to your website.


By hiring a copywriter, of course!

Why copywriters are more critical than PPC experts 

Businesses spend massive amounts of money on Pay-Per-Click ads without creating tailor-made, professionally written landing pages – it makes me deeply sad.

In the end, the words are what convince and make the sale. Not the design. Not the social media hype.

Copywriting is what seals the deal.

So why not put a little more effort and just fill your landing pages with mellow, branded, expertly-crafted sales copy – instead of wasting time and money on low-converting PPC ads?

Why copywriters are more critical than bloggers

Content marketing is crucial these days, and it is going to be in upcoming years.

The truth that you’re here on this blog, consuming this post, is a perfect example of how blogs can be used as a powerful tool to allure visitors to your site, expose your brand to a massive number of people, establish yourself as a thought leader in your niche and rapidly grow your email list.

But ask yourself this:

Who would be a better content marketer for your business?

A savvy writer who understands all the best blogging practices and techniques?

Or a clever copywriter who’s been trained in the art of persuasion, conversion strategy, branding, advertising, AND who understands all the best blogging practices and techniques?

Well, you only have to read some of the great, influential posts written by the Copyblogger gang (Demian Farnworth, Brian Clark, Sonia Simone), and you’ll find your answer.

Why copywriters are more important than sales executives

Once my friend got approached by a company that uses phone calls/ telesales as their primary means to get customers. My friend told me they had about eighty to a hundred tele sales employees on the phones all day, working for ten-twelve hours every day.

And the sales pitch these guys pitched was pretty good. They must be getting quite decent conversion rates (I  have no idea about the figures).

But hang on.

What if they got a super-savvy direct response copywriter to modify the pitch. So that it became just 10-20% more personal. 10-20% more persuasive. And achieved a 10-20% higher conversion rate.

With three hundred sales reps converting 10-20% more people into paying customers every day, how much more can you generate every year?

A huge one would be your answer…And only for the initial cost of hiring a good copywriter for one day.

Why copywriters are more critical than accountants 

A tough one to put my point right, but I’ll continue. 

The accountancy department is undoubtedly a must-have for every business, whether in-house or out.

But if your branding and copy are unclear and useless, then you won’t be able to convert any customers. Your accountants and finance guys won’t have any numbers to play with. And their role will be worthless.

Hahaha!  We win again.

The truth is…

Apart from annoying all the designers, marketers, bloggers, accountants, and sales reps reading this post, the article aims to point out how valuable, yet often undervalued, copywriting is.

While an excellent copy is essential, it won’t make much sound all by itself. There are many other equally critical ingredients to the marketing equation (including all the vital roles I just mentioned).

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