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Important Websites For Freelance Writing According To Your Expertise

Karan Shah
September 27, 2021
Website for Freelance content writer as per their expertise

Do you want to earn big bucks doing freelancing? But you don’t know where to look? 

Please don’t worry this is not some Ponzi scheme. 

One simple truth before we begin, you get out of freelance writing what you put into it just like any other thing in your life. Many people might not earn big bucks, but those who know where to look and have plans could have a lucrative career

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In freelancing, you have to build and nurture with clients to give you projects regularly.

Freelance writing is not about choosing between fulfilling your creative potential and paying the bills. 

You can do both. And work at your time to suit your lifestyle. It’s even more relevant now that most of us need to work from home since freelance writing can always be done remotely.

To get ready for your journey into the freelance writing world, I’ve listed the best freelance writing websites to help you make money online.

Look at our best picks for the top freelancing websites: 

For Entry Level Portals: Fivver and People Per Hour

Fiverr and People Per Hour will help you walk ahead in your long journey if you’re new to the freelancing game.

You just need to create a profile and put together a list of the services you offer. Then you’ll be advised if there are any interested parties. 

Both are seriously easy to use as well. 

If you’re an experienced and intermediate freelance writer: Upwork and FlexJobs

With some years of experience and a decent writing portfolio, you could level up to using UpWork or FlexJobs. 

They’re more advanced than Fiverr and PeoplePerHour in some aspects. 

For instance, sometimes, you would have to submit proposals on Upwork before even landing a gig. And to access full details/information of a job, you’d need to pay a small subscription fee on FlexJobs.

The place for the Maestros: Problogger and Constant Content

Even the most established writers are deciding to do freelancing and make huge profits online because the first-class quality of their work demand equally hefty paychecks. 

If you’re one of the brilliant writers, ProBlogger and Constant Content have ingredients that suit your tastes. Problogger and Constant Content are incredibly systematic at posting jobs with high-caliber potential clients constituting top brands and companies.

An ultimate venue to form connections and create and also nurture long-term relationships for regular projects.

Remember, in the end

If you’re any type of writer, count yourself lucky because there are so many remote working writing opportunities online for freelancers, especially during these difficult times. 

And even before the COVID-19 pandemic, freelance writing was already booming, and in the coming future, it’s going to become even more lucrative as we lead in the new normal.

As you start your adventure in a freelance writing career, remember that you can make the most out of online opportunities by knowing where to look. 

It’s all about being imperative. You have to conclude your level of expertise, the kinds of projects you’re willing to undertake, and the amount of time, energy, and money you’re ready to spend. There are similar freelance writing websites that would feed all of these needs.

So now that you’re all established, you can start going places in the freelance writing world. 

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