Facebook has evolved into one of the major hubs of the internet, where views and ideas get shared with others. But with the rise of brand awareness, individuals and companies need to get their messages out beyond their group of Facebook friends to be seen by more of the world.

By default, your friends can only view your posts. This action preserves your privacy, preventing a private post from reaching your boss or a potential client. 

But what if you want your post to be seen by as many people as possible? In these few steps, you can make it to where anyone on or off the social media platform can see the post and spread your message to all corners of the globe.

You can let people share your post on Facebook without changing the privacy settings on your existing account.

You can solve this by changing the privacy settings on the post itself. 

If you have an essential message, want to get out, or share something you created with the world, sharing your post on Facebook would work effectively.

If your friends comment that they can't share a post you've made, you might need to adjust the post's privacy settings to allow sharing. Specific posts that are made visible to only friends do not have a share button. Here's how to make a Facebook post shareable on both mobile and desktop devices.

It's also worth noting that these privacy settings are global and control how all future posts will be seen. If you change the privacy setting to the Public on one post, your next post will default to Public. It applies to anything that has the privacy/audience button mentioned below. 

You can change this setting by using the audience button on another post or visiting Facebook's privacy settings page (you must sign in to your Facebook account for this link to work). 

How to Share a Post on Facebook

There are two ways to do this: You can make a new post shareable by anyone, and if you have already posted, you can go back and make that old post shareable retroactively. Let's start with the easiest method.

First, open the Facebook application and choose the text box that reads "What's on your mind?" Under your name will be two drop-down menus, the first labeled "Friends" and the second tagged "Album." 

Choose the first box and select "Public." Type a post you would like to share and choose "Share." The post is now visible to anyone, whether they are your friend or not. Also, this means they can share the link with anyone, so you will hopefully get a nice boost of invisibility.

Make an Older Post More Shareable

If you want to make an older post shareable, after locating that post, select the ellipsis icon (•••) on the right-hand side of the post and select "Edit Post." Select the very first drop-down menu below your name (labeled "Friends") and choose "Public" on the new page. Choose "Save" in the upper-right corner to finalize the change.

How to Make a Facebook Post Shareable on Mobile

Step 1: Open the Facebook App or Facebook website and find the post you want to make shareable

Step 2: Tap the three dots at the upper right-hand corner of the post and select 

Step 3:

  • Tap the Audience button.
  • Change it to Public.
  • Select the Save button in the upper right corner.

Friends and other Facebook users will now be able to share your post. Before that post goes viral and notifications start pouring in, consider how to disable notifications for a Facebook post.

How to Make a Facebook Post Shareable on Desktop

Step 1: Open Facebook in your browser and find the post you want to make shareable.

Step 2: Click the three dots at the upper right-hand corner of the post and then select Edit post.

Step 3: Click the Audience button (next to the Save button) and change the setting to Public. Save your changes when ready!

How to Allow Sharing on a new Post

Step 1: Open the Facebook website or the Facebook Mobile app and start a new post

Step 2: Before posting, change the Audience button to Public

Step 3: Click or tap the Post button when ready 

Sharing Posts from Groups

The share-ability of Group posts relies on the security settings of the group itself. Public Facebook Groups (or those available to everyone on Facebook) have automatic public settings to share posts with anyone. If the Facebook group is private, you can only share posts from the group with users who are also members of that group.

Sharing Posts from Friends

Like Group settings, your freedom to make Facebook posts shareable on mobile or desktop depends on that friend's privacy settings. 

If you cannot see the Share button on a friend's post, he or she likely has their account locked down. Although you won't share their posts in this situation, you can ask them to change their privacy settings to "Friends" on a particular post so you can share it with others.

When Sharing on Facebook, Keep in Mind:

  • There are certain items you share on Facebook that are always going to be public. For instance, if you comment on a public thread, your comment will be public, and anyone can see your statement.
  • When you choose an audience for your posts, the automated audience selector will continue to target that same audience choice until you manually change it. For instance, if you choose Public for your next post, all following posts will remain Public until you change the settings manually.
  • When you change the audience on one device, it will update on all of your devices automatically. For instance, if you are trying to understand how to make a Facebook post shareable on your phone, any changes you make will automatically update your desktop or laptop. 
  • Your post will only show up in your News Feed, on your profile, and in search results.
  • You cannot automatically post to another person's profile; he or she can control who can see that post.
  • If you tag someone, the tagged person's friends may also see that post or photo. 
  • If you've opted to lock your profile, some of your sharing choices may be more restricted.

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