The greatest thing about YouTube is that anyone can upload their videos to it, and sometimes they might even go viral, meaning tons of people are watching them. But, you must be wondering how to make a YouTube video go viral?

A few tips and tricks can help make your YouTube videos go viral, but you must realize that it is only about the content. Everyone understands that boring videos will not go viral, so get out there and produce exciting videos.

Create a Unique Video

When creating your video, you must think outside the box and create a unique video. Plain and boring videos are not the ones that go viral, but rather the interesting videos will go viral.

Promotional videos will not stand out in a crowd and are not ones that generate millions and millions of clicks or views.

One way to create a unique video is by creating a story in your videos. Whether that story is funny, sad, or a mixture of both, it is up to you. So settle down and try to figure out what story your brand is trying to tell.

Telling a story in your video is an excellent way to get people to find a deeper meaning. In addition, relatable content is shareable content meaning that more people will likely share it with their followers, which can let you reach a wider audience.

Play On Emotions

As we have just talked about, viral videos usually tell a story and have a deeper meaning which targets the viewers’ emotions. There are many different types of emotions that you could show through your video. Such as happy, sad, inspiring, motivational, and more.

The key to getting millions and thousands of people to sit through your videos conveys emotion via storytelling. When people feel as if you have played to their feelings, then they will share a video with their followers or friends. Having your video shared repeatedly is the best way to get more views and gain more traffic on your video.

Brands that promote products for women will sometimes create videos that empower women to do better. These videos could portray many different kinds of emotions because sometimes women’s empowerment feels good while other times it is motivational for both women and men. 

Reach Out to Similar Brands

Telling people about your video is an excellent way for you to excel on YouTube and create more viral videos. However, you might want to spend more time reaching out to your target audience and letting them know about your videos than you do make them.

It is also a solid way to secure viewership on future videos and build your subscriber count on YouTube. If other viewers believe in you and the content you’re producing, you will see your subscriber count continue to grow as more people promote your videos. In addition, just having another successful channel talk about you or your video can gain you thousands of additional viewers.

Find Your Target Audience

You need to be doing, whether you are just creating YouTube videos or a brand that wishes for their video to go viral, to find your target audience. Your target audience is the user who will generally watch your videos or be interested in purchasing your products or services.

Now you may be wondering that you need everyone to watch your video for it to go viral! While that is the goal, it is not necessarily the best place to start.

Your target audience will be the first users who view your video and share it with their followers. Therefore, they are the people that you should initially be producing your video for.

So how do you choose your target audience?

You can use several different resources to help you find the target audience that you can discover on YouTube. You can also use your YouTube analytics to see precisely who has been interacting with your videos. It is a useful tool to show how long people watch your videos, how old they are, where they are from, and so much more usual information.

Utilize All of Your Platforms

When it comes to utilizing social media marketing for advertising your video, you need to do it the right way. For example, Instagram has a fantastic feature called stories, even include a swipe-up link to your video.

Use Instagram Stories to promote your video rather than putting it directly onto your Instagram feed. 

On the other hand, Twitter and Facebook are a tad easier to advertise on because you can add the link to your video right away. Another trick is that if you make the post or tweet enjoyable, more people will likely share or retweet it on their pages.

Find the Right Keywords

Another useful tip for getting your YouTube video to go viral is that you will need to use the correct keywords in your title and description. Do some research and discover which keywords people are typing for that go along with your video.

When it comes to creating videos for YouTube, you are the one who is going to have to decide what keywords you can use to make your video rank higher in search results. 

Your title is also an essential part of getting people to click on your video, so it needs to be exciting and captivating. Bland titles on videos do not even get another glance before the user has moved on to something else, so try to spice up your titles with appealing words that will grab their attention.

You may want to include words like “new” or “official” to grab the attention of a new viewer. These types of keywords make it seem like an introductory video that they should watch.

Produce Quality Content

Pretty much everyone has a smartphone with an excellent quality camera, but you can’t just stop there when recording a video. You will also want to ensure that good lighting and the subjects in your video can be seen and heard. No one will want to watch a video where the audio is fuzzy, especially not millions of people.

So make sure that you are taking the time to plan out your videos and have the correct equipment to make a quality video. You do not need to spend lots of money on getting good lighting or a giant microphone. Instead, film during the daytime so you can use sunlight and make sure you’re in a quiet place, so your audio is clear.

Decide the Perfect Length

When creating your YouTube video, you need to decide what the perfect length should be. On the one hand, longer videos can help generate deeper meanings, and people can connect to them more. But, on the other hand, it might be easier for you and your audience to create a shorter video with the same purpose.

Shorter videos are shared more because they are quick and easy. They also can get the point across more effortlessly and efficiently.

You should remember that one length for a video may not be suitable for them all. The editing process is where you will choose what to cut from a video and keep it. Sometimes it can be necessary to have a longer video, and it can still go viral!

Editing will help you create your story and give you a foundation for how long a video should be. You can have hours and hours of footage that needs to be shortened to make a ten-minute video, so the editing process is important. 


So if you are trying to figure out how to make a YouTube video go viral, then there are many tips and tactics that you can utilize before you post the video, while you are posting the video, and after you post the video. First, ensure you’re keeping up with all your social media accounts and promoting your video to the right people.

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