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9 Free Online Content Writing Tools You Must Use [2021 Updated]

Prathmesh Sardesai
September 27, 2021

Writing great content is a skill; you may be a skillful content writer, but it's always better to boost your content writing skills with the help of online tools. There are tons of online tools for content writing which can help you in various purposes like checking your grammatical mistakes, keyword research, checking plagiarism, etc. However, you can't use every single tool on the internet. You have to choose a specific tool for a particular purpose. 

But, you don't need to make that effort to find the best tool because we already did that for you. In this article, we will show you the 9 free online Content Writing Tools that you must use. All 9 tools are for different purposes; hence, you don’t use any other tools anything in the content. Also, we’ll give you a quick explanation of how you can use these tools.

So the first tool is:

Google Trends (To Search Trending Topics)

The first thing for content writing is choosing a topic for the content in your niche. There will be tons of topics in your niche from which you can choose. However, choosing trending topics may work well than other topics. And to find the topic that is more searched in the search engine, you can use google trends.

"Google Trends" is a tool that can help you check which topic or search team is trending on the internet currently. It enables you to check trending topics for specific countries, categories, search types, and timeframe.

How to use Google Trends

What you can do here is just go to "trends.google.com" Add a topic in your niche in a search bar. And you’ll receive the trend of that particular topic. Then you can compare that with another similar term and check which is more trending on search engines. For example, I compared two search terms, “dog’ and “cat,” and you can see in the below image “dog” is more trending than the “cat.”

You can also see in the results that the trends are of 12 months with country location as India and of web search. You have an option to change this, which will help you get more focused results.

Another feature is checking the trending topic for a specific day and checking real-time trends for particular categories. For this, just scroll down the search bar, and you'll see "Recently Trending," which shows the most trending topics currently. Below this,  just click "More Trending Searches," and you will see both options.

Like this, you can check what is trending in your niche and decide your topic for content writing. 

AHrefs Free Keyword Generator Tool (For Keyword Research)

Writing content on trending topics is excellent, but you should not just focus on trending topics. You should also write content that is not currently trending but evergreen in your niche, which people regularly search for. And to know what people search periodically, you need keyword research which you can do with the help of keyword research tools like “AHrefs Free Keyword Generator Tool.”

Now, if you don't know what keyword research is, keyword research is finding keywords or key phrases in your niche which people search the most. You can add these keywords to your content to make your content more SEO friendly, which will help your content rank higher on search engines. And for that, you need a keyword research tool. Although there are a lot of keyword tools, Ahrefs free keyword tool is the best for free.

How to use Ahref Keyword Generator

To use this tool

  • Go to "https://ahrefs.com/keyword-generator" and open the tool.
  • Choose a search engine from 4 options Google / Bing / Youtube / Amazon
  • Add a specific keyword
  • Select your target location 
  • Click find keywords 
  • Tick the captcha

And you'll receive keyword phrase match and question-related to your keywords. You can also see average monthly searches for specific keywords. You can also see keyword difficulty for the first 10 phrase matches and questions, which shows how difficult or easy it is to rank for particular keywords.

You can use these targeted keywords in your content and title, which will help you provide visibility to it.

CoSchedule's Headline Analyzer (For Better Titles)

The title of any blog is critical; it’s the first thing a user will see. In fact, the user will decide to click it on search engines or not by looking at your title. Hence, your title should be the one that will tempt the user to click it. And for that, you need a headline analyzer.

CoSchedule's headline analyzer is a tool that helps you to analyze headlines. It scores your heading, which shows how compelling your headline is. In addition, It provides you few suggestions to improve your headlines.

How to use CoSchedule's Headline Analyzer

To use this tool, 

  • Visit "coschedule.com/headline-analyzer, then. 
  • Add the desired title in the bar (For example, I'll add "9 best content writing tools you must use") 
  • Click "analyze now." 
  • Create your free account to analyze the headlines. 
  • Check the headline score and improve with the help of suggestions (In my case, it's 77, which is a good score)

So, use this content writing tool to create an appealing headline.

Grammarly (To Identify And Resolve Mistakes)

While writing, we keep making many mistakes that need to be resolved before we publish them. But it's not that easy to identify the mistakes on our own. So, To identify and fix errors, one of the best and most widely used contents writing tools is Grammarly.

Grammarly is a tool that helps you write flawless content where it allows you to identify mistakes in the content like spelling mistakes, grammar if your sentence is hard to read, if your sentence is too long if you use passive text. The best part of Grammarly is that you can resolve most of the mistakes in a few clicks.

You can use this tool in various ways, like on your google docs file, by adding an extension of Grammarly, using it directly on the Grammarly website, and even downloading applications for windows and Mac os.

The tool is freemium, which means limited features are free to use. However, free Grammarly is still great to use, especially if you use it on the Grammarly website or its application. 

How to use Grammarly

  • Create your Grammarly Account on grammarly.com
  • Add grammar browser Extention or download its application on PC or go to its website app.grammarly.com.
  • Add or Upload your text for application or website ( If working on Google Docs, then allow Grammarly extension to access docs file.)
  • Click the underlined text (The underlined text are the one with issues)
  • Check the mistake and resolve it by just clicking the button in the sidebar.

Hemingway App (For Better Readability)

Hemingway app is a tool that will help you to make your content much easier to read. It will show a few errors in your content, like which sentence is hard to read, which is very hard, where you used passive words in a sentence, which word you used has a simpler alternative. With this, it'll also show you a readability score in the form of "grades" like grade 8, grade 7, etc. The lower the grade, the easier it is to read.

How to Use Hemingway App

To use this tool

  • Visit hemingwayapp.com
  • add your text to it (you'll see text highlighted in different colors for different issues).
  • Resolve Issues

However, resolving issues here is not as easy as Grammarly, especially when problems resolving like hard and very hard to read the sentence, because you need to resolve these issues by manually editing the text, which may take time.

ZenPen (For Distraction-Free Writing)

Zenpen is nothing but a clean interface in which you can write your text with absolutely no distractions. It provides you dark mode and light mode; also, you can zoom the website where you'll see nothing but your text and set the target word count. It also provides basic features like bold, italic, quote, adding a link, and you have the option to save the text in markdown, HTML, or plain text format.

How to use ZenPen

To use this tool, 

  • Visit zenpen.io 
  • Delete the sample text
  • Start writing without any distractions.
  • Save the text in plain, HTML, or Markdown format.

PaperRater (For Plagarism Check)

PaperRater is a freemium tool that provides 10 free plagiarism checks free for every month. We recommended you this as we found Paperrater very accurate in finding plagiarism. It's also very simple to use.

How to use PaperRater

  • Visit  paperrater.com/plagiarism_checker
  • Add the text in the text field. 
  • Accept the terms and conditions and 
  • Click "Get Report." 
  • Check percentages of your content which is original and source of plagiarized text.

You can also use other plagiarism tools like smallseotools, duplichecker, etc. If you are going for Grammarly premium, you'll get a plagiarism tool there too.

Pixabay (For High-Quality Images)

Just text in your blog is not enough; you should have something which appeals to the viewer more than text. Yes, I'm talking about use images in your content to make it more visually appealing. But, you can't use any image in your content, you should only use public domain images, and for that, you can use Pixabay.

Pixabay is one of the wells known websites that helps you to get public domain photos. You can also get videos and music here. The images you download here don't need to add any source link too. Just download it and add it to your blog.

How to use Pixabay

  • Visit pixabay.com 
  • Search for anything you want in a search bar 
  • Choose any image and click it
  • Click "free download,"
  • Choose width and height option, and just 
  • Click ‘download” 

And that's it. You can use this image without any fear.

There are also other free alternatives you can use like Unsplash, pixel, etc.


It's always better to add visual content .you create yourself and provide information, and for that, you can use canva. Canva is the best tool for content creators who don't have any knowledge about image editing. It makes content creation very easy. You can use free templates; you can create images with customized size, add background to your image, add text, icons, shapes, sections, stickers, and much more.

How to use Canva

  • Visit canva.com
  • Create your account. You can choose a 
  • Choose specific size for image (For example, Instagram post, poster, infographic)
  • Start for scratch or use a template
  • Start editing in your own ways. 

The tool is freemium; however, you'll not get any watermark on your free image. Watermark can only appear if you use premium elements like premium icons or stickers.

Get started with Content Writing.

So, these were the best 9 content writing tools that are free (some are freemium) and online. You’ll need all these tools as they are used for different purposes which helps you from choosing a topic and keyword to creating flawless and visually appealing content.

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