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Youtube Marketing

Job Details

Category of the PaperVideo Open Position was published
Social Media
Level of the PaperVideo Open Position was published
Job Level:
Beginner level
Compensation of the PaperVideo Open Position was published
1000-1500 Rs.
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Course Description

In this YouTube Marketing course, you will learn everything to get started!

Whether you run your own business, are helping someone else's businesses, or want to learn an in-demand skill that can help you get hired, this is the perfect Youtube course for you!

What will you learn in this YouTube course?

  • How video marketing works on YouTube
  • 6 ways to create a marketing funnel with YouTube
  • Optimize your YouTube channel and videos for views & conversions
  • Learn the types of videos you should create for your audience
  • Create YouTube ads to promote your brand
  • Retarget your own website visitors with your YouTube ads
  • Place your YouTube ads on your competitor's channels & videos
  • Starting your own YouTube channel
  • How to do YouTube keyword research
  • Grow your channel with YouTube analytics
  • How to make better videos

Unlike some other online courses, or trying to learn these techniques on your own through blog articles or even YouTube videos, we're here to help. If you get stuck or have questions, you'll get answers.

Who is the Course For

  • Entrepreneurs who want to build a brand on YouTube and get leads
  • Aspiring YouTube stars interested in YouTube SEO, YouTube ads, and making great videos

Course Outline

  • On Page SEO introduction
  • YouTube Search ranking factors for your videos to rank Higher
  • YouTube recommendation algoritm
  • More views for better video titles & thumbnails
  • Creating beautiful youtube Thumbnail images for free with canva
  • Using youtube Analytics to get clues about what to improve your videos
  • Making your videos show up in the Google (not just youtube) search results
  • Video Virility
  • More Viral Hacks - getting celebrity and influencers to promote you
  • Successful You-tuber case study
  • How I Built my channel and how you should build yoursYouTube Monetization
  • You tube Live
  • Few Channel Branding Tips
  • Common things to consider for showYouTube Ads (formerly AdWords) to boost your Video ads
  • Ad scripts for YouTube ads
  • Social Media to boost YouTube Ranking
  • Promoting different kinds of Youtube video
  • How i plan and prep for a youtube video
  • Basic tips improving lighting and geting rid od shadows for Improved video quality
  • Introduction to improving audio
  • Introduction to on-screen appearance, body language & presenting
  • Fixing Speech issues
  • Setting up a new channel from scratch - for very beginners only
  • Conclusion of our youtube course


  • Be excited for your YouTube channel's rapid growth, building a business on YouTube or generating leads from it
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