Basics in Python Open Position at PaperVideo

Basics in Python

Job Details

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1000 - 1500
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# of Hours:
10 - 15

Course Description

This course has been specifically designed for beginners who have been looking to obtain a hands-on learning experience with Python, teaching you concepts of programming right from the basics and Python being the most simplest language for a beginner to start with.

It is the right time to start learning the in-demand Python language because of its gaining popularity in the fields on Data Science, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Deep Learning, etc. Keep yourself equipped with the most sought-after skills!

Who is the Course For

  • People interested to learn how to program in python
  • People curious about programming

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Getting Started with Python
  • Variables and Multiple Assignment
  • Playing with the print function
  • Using variables in python
  • String manipulation
  • Different number manipulation
  • Understanding the input function on python
  • The utility of functionsHow to use the return statement
  • Understanding the if statement Part 1
  • Understanding the if statement Part 2
  • Understanding the if statement Part 3
  • Working with listsUsing functions with lists
  • Difference between lists and tuples
  • What is a dictionary in python
  • Introduction to while loop structure
  • Understanding For loops
  • Practice : Creating and blocking passwords
  • Practice: Testing combinations
  • Creation of a basic encryption app
  • Working with classes and objects
  • Dealing with errors
  • Conclusion


  • Having a computer
  • Wanting to learn programming in python
  • No experience required
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