Mobile App Development for Beginners Open Position at PaperVideo

Mobile App Development for Beginners

Job Details

Level of the PaperVideo Open Position was published
Job Level:
Expert Level
Time taken of the PaperVideo Open Position was published
# of Hours:
10 - 15

Course Description

Looking for an app development course that doesn't confuse you? This course is designed to teach you how to buildapps ) with easy step-by-step instructions.

Become an app developer!

This course will give you the basic skills needed to call yourself an app developer. Whether you need to start creating apps for you job or you want to earn money as a freelance developer, this course will get you started designing and building your own apps.

In this course, you will develop 10 beautiful, professional quality apps.

You don't need any previous programming skills. You simply need a desire to learn how to develop apps and a Mac computer.

The course is app-based, which means you will build a complete and professional app step-by-step during each section of the course. No other course teaches you this same way.

Who is the Course For

  • Anyone who want to create their own apps.
  • Anyone who want to work as a freelance app developer (on small projects).

Course Outline

  • How to use popular objects like UILabel, UIButton, UITextField, UITextView, UIImageView, etc.
  • How to use Auto Layout to design the perfect User Interface for all devices.
  • Introduction to Stack View and how it works with Auto Layout.
  • UINavigationController and its properties.
  • Segue and sending data to other screens.
  • How to add and customize app Launch screen.
  • How to create multiple-sized icons and how to add icons to apps.
  • How to resolve build-time issues and run-time errors.
  • How to debug view hierarchy.
  • How to deal with memory issues and what they mean for your app.


  • Basic knowledge of Java will help but not mandatory
  • Basic knowledge of swift will help but not mandatory
  • Basic knowledge of programming conceptsBasic knowledge of XML will help but not mandatory
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