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Java Programming for Beginners

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Beginner Level
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10 - 15

Course Description

Java is one of the most popular programming languages. Java offers both object oriented and functional programming features.

We take a hands-on approach using a combination of JShell and Eclipse as an IDE to illustrate more than 200 Java Coding Exercises, Puzzles, and Code Examples. This course assumes no previous ( beginner ) programming or Java experience. If you’ve never programmed a computer before, or if you already have experience with another programming language and want to quickly learn Java, this is a perfect course for you.

In more than 250 Steps, we explore the most important Java Programming Language Features

  • Basics of Java Programming - Expressions, Variables, and Printing Output
  • Java Operators - Java Assignment Operator, Relational and Logical Operators, Short Circuit Operators
  • Java Conditionals and If Statement
  • Methods - Parameters, Arguments, and Return Values
  • Object-Oriented Programming - Class, Object, State, and Behavior
  • Basics of OOPS - Encapsulation, Abstraction, Inheritance, and Polymorphism
  • Basics about Java Data Types - Casting, Operators and More
  • Java Built-in Classes - BigDecimal, String, Java Wrapper Classes
  • Conditionals with Java - If Else Statement, Nested If Else, Java Switch Statement, Java Ternary Operator
  • Loops - For Loop, While Loop in Java, Do While Loop, Break and Continue
  • Immutability of Java Wrapper Classes, String and BigDecimal
  • Java Dates - Introduction to LocalDate, LocalTime and LocalDateTime
  • Java Array and ArrayList - Java String Arrays, Arrays of Objects, Primitive Data Types, toString and Exceptions
  • Introduction to Variable Arguments
  • Basics of Designing a Class - Class, Object, State and Behavior. Deciding State and Constructors.
  • Understanding Object Composition and Inheritance
  • Java Abstract Class and Interfaces. Introduction to Polymorphism.
  • Java Collections - List Interface(ArrayList, LinkedList and Vector), Set Interface (HashSet, LinkedHashSet and TreeSet), Queue Interface (PriorityQueue) and Map Interface (HashMap, HashTable, LinkedHashMap and TreeMap() - Compare, Contrast and Choose
  • Generics - Why do we need Generics? Restrictions with extends and Generic Methods, WildCards - Upper Bound and Lower Bound.
  • Functional Programming - Lambda Expression, Stream and Operations on a Stream (Intermediate Operations - Sort, Distinct, Filter, Map and Terminal Operations - max, min, collect to List), Functional Interfaces - Predicate Interface, Consumer Interface, Function Interface for Mapping, Method References - static and instance methods
  • Introduction to Threads and MultiThreading - Need for Threads
  • Implementing Threads - Extending Thread Class and Implementing Runnable Interface
  • States of a Thread and Communication between Threads
  • Introduction to Executor Service - Customizing the number of Active Threads. Returning a Future, invokeAll, and invokeAny
  • Introduction to Exception Handling - Your Thought Process during Exception Handling. try, catch, and finally. Exception Hierarchy - Checked Exceptions vs Unchecked Exceptions. Throwing an Exception. Creating and Throwing a Custom Exception - CurrenciesDoNotMatchException. Try with Resources - New Feature in Java 7.
  • List files and folders in Directory with Files list method, File walk method and find methods. Read and write from a File.

Who is the Course For

  • You have ZERO programming experience and want to learn Java Programming
  • You are a Beginner at Java Programming and want to Learn to write Great Java Programs
  • You want to learn the Basics of Object Oriented Programming with Java
  • You want to learn the Basics of Functional Programming with Java

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Installing Java
  • Introduction to java Programming with JShell using Multiplication Table
  • Introduction to Java Platform
  • Introduction to Java Method with Multiplication table
  • Introduction to Eclipse - First Java Programming Project
  • Conditionals In Java Programming
  • Loops in Java ProgrammingReference Types in Java Programming
  • Arrays and Arrya Lists In Java Programming
  • Java - Oriented programming Again
  • Collection in Java Programming
  • Generic in Java Programming
  • Introduction to Functional Programming in Java
  • Introduction to Threads and Concurrency in Java
  • Introduction to Exception Handling in Java
  • Files and Directories in Java
  • More Concurrency with Concurrency Collection and Atomic Operation
  • Java Tips
  • New Course Addition - An Overview
  • Java New Features - Java 10 to Java 16
  • Getting Started with Spring Framework
  • Getting Started with Spring Boot
  • Simple Rest API with Sprig Boot and Spring Data JPA
  • Troubleshooting Eclipse and JAVA


  • You have an attitude to learn while having fun
  • You have ZERO Programming Experience and Want to Learn Java
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