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Content Marketing

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Beginner level
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1000-1500 Rs.
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Course Description

From coming up with great content ideas to creating marketing funnels that actually turn strangers into customers, this course covers it all.

After taking this course, you'll know the exact steps to creating, publishing, and promoting content to achieve any of your goals. Here are just a few examples of what you can do with content marketing:

  • Get more followers
  • Increase website traffic
  • Grow an email list
  • Make more sales
  • and so much more!

This content marketing course is based off the instructor's own experience using content marketing to grow his own 7-figure business. What you learn will be actionable, realistic, and easy to start on any budget for any type of business

What will you learn?

  • Content Marketing Basics: Learn why content marketing is important for any modern business, the best formats and platforms to use, and how it all fits in to a digital marketing funnel.
  • Branding Your Business: Truly understand what your business goals and and how content marketing can help you achieve them.
  • Target Audience: Create customer personas based off of demographics to improve how you create content that helps your ideal customer.
  • Content Ideation: Come up with amazing content ideas and develop a system so you never run out of content your audience loves.
  • Content Marketing Formats: Understand the different types of content and which ones are best for your business.
  • Creating Your Content: Learn best practices for writing great articles and making great visual, audio and video content.
  • Publishing Your Content: Know the best platforms for different kinds of content, and tips for easily repurposing content across multiple platforms.
  • Promoting Your Content: Get more views and engagement with social media, email marketing and other forms of traditional marketing.
  • Marketing Funnels: Build digital marketing funnels that turn potential customers into returning ones with your content.
  • Measuring Your Results: Learn how to use analytics on websites, YouTube and social media to improve your content creation and better achieve your goals.

This content marketing course covers it all, and if you put into practice all of the techniques taught in the course, you should have a professional marketing system that helps your business grow. You can also use these skills to get a job in the booming digital marketing space.

Who is the Course For

  • Anyone looking to grow a business with content marketing
  • Entrepreneurs, digital marketers, freelancers, online course creators, YouTubers, social media influencers
  • Beginners just getting started with an online digital marketing strategy
  • Anyone wanting to grow a business with honest sales techniques that grows an audience that likes, knows and trusts you and your business

Course Outline

  • Introduction to content marketing course
  • Content Marketing Basics
  • Define your brand Purpose
  • Define your target audience
  • Come up with great content marketing ideas
  • Content marketing formats
  • Creating Amazing content to your marketing business
  • Publish your content
  • Content marketing funnels
  • Promote your content
  • Measureyour content marketing results
  • Course conclusion
  • Bonus from Video School
  • Prerequisites

    • No prior knowledge of content marketing is required.
    • You'll learn all of the basics of content, so this is the perfect course for beginners.
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