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Video and Mobile marketing

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Beginner level
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1000-2000 Rs.
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Course Description

Who is the Course For

  • YouTubers, TiKTokers and all Social Media Influencers
  • Marketing Professionals & Marketing Agencies
  • Affiliate MarketersBusiness Owners
  • Udemy Instructors
  • Anyone who wants to create Video Marketing campaigns
  • Anyone who wants to create professional looking videos

Course Outline

  • Video Marketing Introduction
  • Video Marketing Campaigns
  • Advanced Video Marketing Optimization Methods
  • Wrapping up the Video Marketing Hacks
  • Strategic Planning and Mobile Sites
  • Mobile Traffic & Banner Tactics
  • Creating Apps for-or-as a Business
  • Successful Text Message Marketing


  • Be ready and excited to start creating your highly-converting video marketing campaigns on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and all your social media channels