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Google Analytics

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Course Description

Google Analytics Course To Improve Your Website And Business

We will follow powerful Google Analytics instructions to set up our Google Analytics, learn to read the information and analyze them to grow our business and avoid hard mistakes.


In this WordPress Website course You will learn how to:

  • Setup Google Analytics and activate all of the important triggers to receive data.
  • Read and analyze data to improve and grow your business.
  • Use powerful custom dashboard for marketing and sales.
  • Track your conversions and grow them
  • Find the exact places on your website that you need to improve.
  • And much more ...


During this Google Analytics course we will learn and practice every important element that exist and you need to use to receive important data from your website and use it to improve your business.

Google analytics is a powerful platform that nowadays if you really want to become successful and be able to compete with other brands in your niche you must use it. Even if your business is local, learning Google analytics will give you the right mentality to apply on your business, to find problems, to find mistakes and to solve them.

Who is the Course For

  • Everyone who not only wants to learn Google Analytics as a tool, but also use the data to drive your business and build a data-driven ability.
  • The course is designed for all skill levels. From the very beginners to experienced marketing managers.

Course Outline

  • Basic data description
  • How the measurement is done
  • Bounce rate, time and uniqueness
  • How to use the tool
  • What to remember when doing analytics
  • Socio-demo data
  • Browser data1 lecture
  • Mobile experience
  • Site content
  • Site speed
  • Internal site search
  • How to use UTM parameters?
  • Traffic sources
  • Landing page and keyword
  • Keywords
  • How to evaluate traffic sources
  • Goal setup and funnels
  • Product analytics
  • Segmentation
  • Google Analytics access/rights1 lecture • 6min
  • OUTRO\
  • What's next?
  • Prerequisites

    • The will to learn :) and move the business forward
    • Access to some Google Analytics account
    • Access to some Google Analytics account