Know these 5 things before starting a youtube channel

The video will explain to you 5 things you should know before you start your Youtube channel, which will include your Youtube video to perform better on the platform.Choosing a niche is very important, and this is the first thing which we will explain to you. Even if you have a niche chosen already, your video will not perform if you didn't optimize your video. So, we'll explain why the optimization of youtube videos is necessary and what you should optimize in a video. With this, creating a detailed and long video is also important, which will be explained here. Also will inform you of the importance of custom thumbnail. And the last thing we'll explain to you will be why you should post videos consistently.

Contents of the Video:

  • ‍Introduction
  • ‍Stick to one niche and be consistent
  • ‍You should not post a video without optimizing it.
  • ‍Make a long and detailed video
  • ‍Add custom thumbnail
  • ‍Upload Videos Consistently

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