How to use whatsapp for digital marketing

In this video, we will explain to you how to use Whatsapp for digital marketing for better business success. It will inform you about WhatsApp business for creating a business profile to label your contact, automated message, quick replies, WhatsApp analytics, product catalog, and much more.The video will show you how to do digital marketing with WhatsApp business. We will start with creating a business profile after some tips for organizing and labeling your contacts and how to use automated messaging and quick replies for marketing.After that, we'll inform you of the importance of analytics in digital marketing success and the importance of showcasing your product in the WhatsApp catalog. At last, it will also explain the importance of networking with other professionals.

Contents of the Video:

  • ‍Introduction
  • Create a Business Profile
  • Organize and label Your Contact
  • Create Automated Messages and greetings
  • Use Quick Replies
  • Use analytics
  • Showcase your products in a catalog
  • Network with other professionals

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