How To Build EMAIL LIST from Scratch in 2021

In this video, we will explain How To Build an Email List from Scratch in 2021. We will give 10 tips that will help you increase your email newsletter list. The video is about adding email to your email list, which we will start by explaining why you should add personalized CTA for every landing page and how it will help you gain email ids. Later, we'll show why you should add a pop-up, slide, and timed pop-up survey, how you can use humor and sarcasm, and how you can describe the value in your CTA and why it's important. Later, we'll explain the importance of promoting newsletters to social media, why you should create more landing pages, encourage visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, the benefit of adding CTA to the about us page, and the use of adding a scroll box.

Contents of the Video:

  • Introduction
  • ‍Create personalized CTA for every landing page
  • ‍Create a Pop-up or slide for each page of your site
  • ‍Create a timed pop-up survey
  • ‍Use humor or sarcasm
  • ‍Describe value in your CTA
  • ‍Pitch your email newsletter on social media account
  • ‍Create more landing pages
  • ‍Encourage everyone to signup
  • ‍Include a CTA for the about us page
  • ‍Try a scroll box
  • ‍Conclusion

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