5 Best Digital Marketing Tools - Free Tools for Digital Marketing

This video will show you the "5 Best Digital Marketing Tools for small business". The tools will be free tools for digital marketing, which you can use for various purposes. The video will inform you about these 5 tools which you can use for your small business: Canva If you need to design graphics but are not a designer, Canva is a blessing. Canva comes packed with simply editable design templates for any graphic design you may require. Whatever you need, whether a logo, business card, social media template, canva has everything. Canva also automatically keeps your designs as you work on them; hence you can get back to them at any moment and pick up where you left off. Google TrendsIf you are planning to post about something and want to know if it is in trend or not, write that keyword in the google trends search bar. You will get all the details. Like what is trending, is your idea relevant to today's scenario, which country is searching for what, etc. Google Keyword Planner Google's Keyword Planner is to build powerful keyword lists and do keyword research for your SEO. If you search a single keyword, google keyword planner gives you thousands of keywords related to your search volume. Mail Chimp Mail Chimp is one of the most common email management service providers. And it's free for up to 2K subscribers. It is a non-complicated tool that packs great templates, features, and analytics. Grammar checker Grammarly has an online dashboard that assists, the tool's interface is straightforward and clean. You can also install the tool as a plug-in for your browser. Once installed, Grammarly automatically proofreads everything you type online without having to access the dashboard.

Contents of the Video:

  • Introduction
  • Canva
  • Google Trends
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Mailchimp
  • Grammarly
  • Conclusion

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