What is Viral Marketing: It's Meaning, Advantages and Examples
"Viral videos aren't just about being funny. They're about identity creation." - Ricky Van Veen, an American entrepreneur

This quote is very true if we see it from a marketing perspective, especially in this time of social media domination.

On social media, we can see there's something viral every day, which is a creation of brands or a movie scene or just something cringe on social media. You'll also see brands taking benefit of these viral trends. 

All this is a part of viral marketing. In this video, we'll tell you what's viral marketing, how it works, its advantages, and examples.

What Is Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is marketing in a way that a viewer will be interested in sharing it, eventually providing you with a wider reach. So, viral marketing is a strategy that depends on how people react to specific things. For viral marketing to succeed, the content needs to be so good that people are eventually tempted to share it. The marketing goal behind viral marketing is mostly Brands Awareness.


How Does Viral Marketing Works

Viral marketing mostly takes place with the help of social media. You can do viral marketing in two ways:

  • Create your own unique content, which has the potential to go viral.
  • Use already viral trends on social media, aligning them to your own brand.

Viral content is mostly a funny one. However, it need not be always funny; a serious emotional message, motivational, and even cringe content goes viral. Just the content needs to push social media user to share to there friends which make it viral. The content is mainly in the form of a video or a meme.

When viewers share the content, it introduces your brand to new people, which is the actual motive of the campaign.

Now, let’s see its advantages

Advantages Of Viral Marketing

More Reach

Reach means how many unique viewers watch your post or ad. The viral post will always get more reach as it gets shared across social media than a basic post or advertisement. Ordinary posts, on the other side, get shared by a few niche audiences only.

More Engagement

Engagement means a user engaging with your tasks like sharing, liking, etc. Getting shares from a user is an excellent engagement that Viral marketing gets. But not just that! The viral post also gets more likes, reactions, comments, retweets, etc., because users like viral posts more than ordinary ones. 

Higher engagement is the most important factor for you to succeed on social media. Hence, it helps your brand to create a strong social media presence.

Helps Creating Brand Identity

When a post gets viral, it helps the brand align with it. For example, suppose an ad gets viral on social media of a brand. In that case, people don't just remember the viral ad but also consider who created it, which eventually helps a brand create its identity.

Can Be Cost-Effective

It's not essential that the viral content needs to be one with a lot of spending. A simple meme or even a tweet can go viral, which is very cost-effective. Even if you spend a good amount of money on an ad, and if it goes viral, it will definitely provide you more return on investment.

Why Viral Marketing

Examples of Viral Marketing

Dream 11

During an IPL season, Dream 11 created a few ads where a person is doing unnecessary things, and from nowhere, a popular cricketer comes in and says to the person, "Ye main kar leta hu, app dream11 pe team banalo." This ad was intended to pitch viewers to create teams on the Dream11 app. Although, the tagline was so good that it went viral immediately, which resulted in many memes created around it and even lots of tweets created around it. It was so good; even a political party posted a tweet that itself went viral. All this gave great brand awareness to Dream 11.


OLX is a website where you can sell your used products to others. A few years earlier, OLX created a few ads with the tagline "OLX pe bech de." which means "sell it on OLX," which became a viral trend. It was memes that made the tags line viral which eventually gave lots of free promotion to OLX.


Cred is one of the best brands known for making its ads viral. Every time they post an ad on cred, will it be their ads in 2020 IPL or 2021 IPL all went viral, especially their ad featuring Rahul Dravid, which went viral because of a line "Indiranagar ka Gunda" it was so good that other brands also used it aligning to their own brand.

there are few brands also known for utilizing what's already trending. The brand which do it way better than any other is:


There are few brands that are also known for utilizing what's already trending. The brand which do it way better than any other is Zomato.

Zomato's social media team is a master in utilizing viral trends across the internet. It's not just that they create a meme related to viral trends; they actually align the online trends that promote their own brand even if the trend is not related to their brand's niche.

The best example is how they used the viral trend of the iPhone 13 release, where they posted a picture showing the difference between iPhone 12 and 13 with the help of burgers and tomato ketchup. How funny and creative it is!

Zomato Viral Marketing of iPhone 13 trends

Source: Zomato

It went so viral that the tweet received 1000+ retweets, 100+ quote tweets, and 8000+ likes. That same post on Instagram received 40,000+ likes and 500+ comments.


Now you can see, this is the success that viral marketing gets, yet it can be executed in a cost-effective way providing good ROI, reach, and engagement. What you have to do is create content which people love and share or utilize already viral content. Before you start, working on it, it’s better to check other brands who are successful in viral marketing and learn from them.