Links are helpful in SEO

What is Link Building? 

In simple words, link building is a process of obtaining other websites (or clients) to link back to your website. All digital marketers, marketing heads, and entrepreneurs must put time and effort into building links to drive referral traffic and boost their site’s authority.

What is the Significance of Link Building in Marketing?

1. Links are helpful in SEO.

Links are a solid ranking factor in Google’s and other search engines’ search algorithms.

2. Links are useful to get more audience.

Assuring a link on another website gives people on another website direct access to your website, and you will get referral traffic.

3. Links are beneficial for marketing.

A link is a vote that shows many people have trust from one website to another. 

Every link makes a positive connection and builds a relationship.

Links are essential for increasing traffic online. A website without links will not get much traffic — from search or from other websites.

What do you need for Link Building?

Link building needs outstanding communication, powerful social skills, a lot of creativity, and persistence. Link building is a combination of marketing, sales, and psychology.

Now, let’s break it down more further. 

Basic Overview of Link Building

The What:

Link building is a process of obtaining other websites (or clients sites) to link back to your website.

The Why:

Google and every other search are based on links. It’s simple the more links you have from authoritative and relevant websites, the better your site will perform in search when someone is searching for any problem. Links also help to drive referral traffic and help to build relationships.

The How:

By using customized strategies with unique tactics, SEO companies convince another website that they or their audiences will benefit from linking to a page on your site.

The When:

Link building achieved popularity with the rise of Google in 1998 and is still relevant and very important today.

The Who:

SEO, marketing executives, and business owners undertake link building to increase traffic to their site through search.

Correlation between Google’s Algorithm and Link Building

Google’s algorithms are super complicated and constantly changing and evolving, but backlinks remain an essential part of every search engine deciding which sites rank for which keywords.

Building links is one of the strategies used in search engine optimization because links are an indication to Google that your site is a quality resource, which is searches other worth mentioning. Thus, websites that have more backlinks manage to earn higher rankings.

Now let’s look at 

Some Link Building Strategies: How Can You Get Other Sites Link To Your Sites

  • Creating High-quality Content and Promoting the Content Produce compelling, high-quality, exceptional content that people would naturally want to link to and give a reference, and tell their readers people about it. You have to market before expecting anyone to discover your content and link to it!
  • Reviews and Mentions
    Hire a famous influencer or someone who has a large following on social media to market your product or service.
  • Links from Friends & Partners
    Ask your friends, family, and colleagues to link to your site. Keep in mind that relevance matters; links from websites that come under your niche will have more value than links from other unrelated sites.

It takes a lot of time building many links; in such a situation, you have to be patient and remember not to use shortcuts like buying links against Google’s guidelines and can harm your SEO badly. So, avoid gambling. 

How to Build Links for Free with Internal Link Building

There is one easy and not-so-popular way to build links to the pages you want to improve your search engine rankings for. Internal link building is a method you have total control over.

If you want your web page to rank, then check out a few key factors:

Anchor Text

One of the vital things search engines like Google consider while ranking a page is the real text a linking page uses to describe your content. 

What is the Quality of the Linking Page 

The quality of the page sending the link is also crucial; search engines consider links from high-quality, relevant, and trusted pages to boost rankings compared to irrelevant and not-so-good pages and sites.

What Particular Page the Link is Done

When people talk about your site, they will link to the home page. Because of this, individual pages are not able to achieve high rankings (because it is tough for them to generate there can not link equity). 

These are some elements that are not in our control while trying to get other sites to link to us. However, we can control all of these elements in linking to our pages from our content. We can:

  • We can decide what anchor text to use.
  • We can determine which page to position that anchor text at.
  • Make sure the quality and content of the linking page are top-class.

Building external links to your site is vital, but it’s better to focus on things you can control, so you have to put more effort into the optimization of these internal links; you can not link can build quality in-bound links with rich anchor text to the proper pages, which will give an excellent ranking boost for free. 

Tools and Tips to Use For Internal Link Building

So how can you build these tremendous internal links? 

In simple steps, you can create a system for interlinking your pages.

1. Do Keyword Research for Link Building 

Use a keyword research tool to get numerous keywords suggestions that are both relevant and admired all over. 

2. Allocate Keywords to Content 

After that, you have to group your keywords strategically to create a search-friendly information architecture.

3. Using Targeted Anchor Text Link Pages 

Finally, you have to apply your keyword research to smart and structured inter-linking; so, how to do this? By linking to content using the keywords, you have found.

The implementation of the third point is key. You need to be sure that you are linking to the right pages with the right anchor text. 

Final Thoughts

As Matt Cutts said,


So there is no shortcut to secure links online.

Thankfully, many SEO communities are ready to share their experience and expertise.

With some research, analysis, creativity, and strategy, link building can make a huge difference in your website needs.

Every link must provide value to your website and your audience.

Quality links will help your website get meaningful organic traffic from Google search.

Several factors within SEO, but link building will always remain an integral part of any SEO strategy.