Pisces Compatibility: Find Your Best Match

Pisces compatibility varies when around different signs.

Pisces is a sign of deep emotions. Pisces may be a loyal friend and companion if they have adequate empathy.

However what character attributes does this sappy romantic seek in love and relationships? Our comprehensive guide to Pisces compatibility includes answers to issues like:

Pisces personality traits

Characteristics of a Pisces' best and worst match

From least to most suitable Pisces signs

Three relationship lessons for Pisces.

Have questions regarding the water sign? So let's begin.

Pisces Basic Characteristics

Ruled by Neptune, Pisces represent traits of emotion, intuition, and affection.

Pisces (born February 20-March 20) is noted for carrying on the emotional responsibilities of all zodiac signs before it. Pisces' capacity to feel, imagine, and create is profound, ruled by Neptune, the Roman god of the oceans.

A Pisces friend or partner is like having an on-call therapist: they will listen patiently to your concerns, without judging or offering unwanted advice. But a Pisces might lose attention in discussion since they're daydreaming. Pisces typically fantasizes about future possibilities and realities.

What leads to Pisces compatibility?

Pisces compatibility depends upon the character qualities. Check out these five crucial character qualities Pisces compatible signs are likely to have.


A Pisces' ideal partner should be anchored in reality. Imaginative Pisces often prefer daydreaming to coping with the reality of everyday life. A companion who can bring Pisces back down to earth and help them think through practical solutions to life's issues will help them find balance.

Practical indications also help Pisces maximize their creativity. While Pisces thrive on creating and visualizing new things, they typically struggle with implementing their ideas. A supportive companion or partner may help people realize and share their ambitions.


Pisces aren't intentionally tough, but their uncertainties and fears of doing the wrong thing may be taxing. So a Pisces companion must have an infinite supply of patience. They'll need to inspire Pisces to pursue their ambitions and soothe them when they're uncertain.

Patient individuals in their life will not stop a Pisces from experiencing gloomy periods, but will help them recover quicker. In return, Pisces will be thankful to their spouse for being patient, and their partner can expect Pisces to be patient with them.


Pisces' spiritually compatible signs. The Pisces sign has a strong connection to other signs who have spiritual practices, live out a spiritual purpose, and prefer to talk about their inner life.

Pisces also perceives spirituality as sensitive and compassionate, two qualities Pisces values in a companion. A Pisces needs a caring individual since they are delicate and sensitive.


When life spirals out of control, Pisces may struggle to recognise reality. Exaggerating unfavorable characteristics or obsessing over conceivable (or impossible!) results. That's why a Pisces' ideal partner must be unbiased. Pisces are drawn to persons who can stand back and see things clearly.

When a Pisces can't see reason, they require a calm companion to gently talk them down. When things are going well for a Pisces, they'll need a buddy or partner who can assist them put their imaginative ideas into action.


Pisces' strong sensitivity to others' emotions might cause them to conceal their own. They may be fearful of offending people or hurting their emotions, so they keep their genuine sentiments to themselves. Sadly, this is also bad for Pisces. This symbol is happiest when exposed!

Simple partners may make Pisces feel comfortable being honest. In a partnership, Pisces' reluctance to be open about their feelings might cause confusion and conflict. That's why a Pisces' best friend is nice yet forthright. To be honest about how their emotional dishonesty impacts the relationship and to urge Pisces to express their truth, even if they're afraid.

What Displeases Pisces compatibility?

Pisces can be displeased due to various reasons. Have a look!

Pisces can be displeased due to various reasons. Have a look!

These five attributes showcase bad Pisces compatibility with this star sign. Then you could be a bad fit for a Pisces.


If their partner's default dispute resolution style is passive-aggressive, nothing will be resolved. In fact, passive-aggressive couples may cause greater pain.

Withstanding Pisces' cryptic jabs with underhanded remarks might bring forth Pisces' better side. It will not only assist settle conflicts faster, but it will also inspire Pisces to retain healthy attitudes to addressing conflicts.


Pisces may be a soft-spoken fish. A dominant spouse tends to take Pisces to places that aren't in Pisces' best interest. In the worst cases, an imbalanced partnership might make Pisces feel powerless to make their own judgments.

Pisces' submissiveness stems from a sincere desire to please others and make them happy. But Pisces' friends and relatives may not know when to back off. Pisces require friends and partners who seek compromise.


Insensitivity, whether aimed towards Pisces or others, turns Pisces off. Pisces cannot bear to watch others suffer, and will struggle to comprehend an insensitive partner's actions.

Of course, certain personality qualities, like assertiveness or stark honesty, might seem insensitive even when they're not meant to be. If you're the sort that "tells it like it is" no matter the repercussions, you're probably not a Pisces.


Compatibility signs for Pisces are not perfectionists. Pisces are imaginative, which means they frequently have to make many attempts before they succeed. But Pisces are also self-critical, thus a perfectionist spouse will likely contribute to Pisces' self-criticism.

When Pisces detects excellence in a friend or spouse, they may withdraw for fear of being criticized. Being with someone who can laugh at tiny blunders and listen without judgment can help Pisces relax and enjoy their relationship. This should make a Pisces feel vulnerable!


When confronted with interpersonal difficulties, certain star signs may emotionally retreat. Pisces is another one of those signs that dislikes partners who withdraw.

Eventually, star signs who retreat emotionally during arguments do seek to protect themselves, but the relationship suffers as a result. Pisces needs a companion who can gently pull things out into the open for intentional processing.

Pisces Compatibility Best Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn

Pisces compatibility is different with other signs. Have a look at some of them!


Together, Taurus and Pisces are a match made in heaven, combining passion, creativity, and a love of learning.


Cancer and Pisces are both nurturers, and they'll find it in one another.


Both Scorpio and Pisces are spiritual. Together, they will cultivate a rich inner life and practise well-honed grounding concepts.


The opposites in terms of habits and interests, Capricorn and Pisces may form a strong, loyal bond.

Pisces compatibility medium with Pisces, Leo, Virgo, Libra

Pisces as an intuitive sign knows when and how to deal with other signs.

There are four Pisces-friendly signs, each having tendencies that a Pisces must avoid. Pisces, Leo, Virgo, and Libra


Pisces in love will enjoy spoiling each other.


Leo and a Pisces compliment each other nicely.


Both Pisces and Virgos like to assist and nourish others.


Dreamers Libra and Pisces are a match made in heaven.

Pisces compatibility worst with Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Pisces is an emotionally sensitive sign. Thus, they don't go well with everyone.

Four star signs are recognized to be unsuitable for Pisces. Sagittarius and Aquarius are the other two signs.


While Pisces and Aries may complement each other's talents and shortcomings, their opposing temperaments may generate issues.


Geminis are emotionally detached, which makes Pisces uncomfortable. In order to connect, Pisces need their partners to be emotionally vulnerable.


Sagittarius and Pisces are opposites. Unlike Pisces, Sagittarius is thick-skinned and unconcerned with others' feelings.


Pisces and Aquarians both love to serve others. If a Pisces-Aquarius alliance lacks a common vision for social action, it will fail.

Pisces compatibility overview

Pisces compatibility shows that any star sign may make a relationship work if both parties are prepared to compromise, sympathize, and be compassionate in all situations. However, it is often difficult for another individual to predict what you need in a partnership. Ascertain that you explain what brings you joy and what does not. When you do, you will discover that people will go above and beyond to ensure that you feel cared and loved for.