How To Use Google Trends For SEO

Google trends are one of the well-known, popular, and effortless tools digital marketers use for keyword research and to know what's trending. One of the reasons Google trends is popular is that it is a free tool yet very useful.

However, Marketers still don't use google trends up to their potential. They miss out on a lot of features.

In this article, we'll show you how to use google trends for keyword research. We'll explain every feature of it like finding seasonal trends, finding related queries, use of location feature, etc.

But before we start, we should have an understanding of google trends. Let’s see:

What is Google Trends, and how does it work?

Google trend is a free tool offered by Google that helps you check the trends in a specific time span for a particular location and specific search type. It enables you to compare several keyword trends and even shows you which is the most trending topic in the region.

But how does it actually work?

Google trends basically divide each data point by the total search of a region in a time range to compare relative popularity. Then it scales each data point from the scale of 0 to 100. For example, the total search of a specific region in a particular time is "x," and the total search of a data point is "y." Then this y will be divided by "x." 

Google Trends data point calculation

Google Trends will scale the highest data point among the time frame as 100, and other data points will be scaled by relative popularity compared to the highest data point.

Just to show you guys, I'm adding the keyword "anatomy" in google trends with the time frame of 12 months, and the location is India. In the Below image, you can see the highest point scaled 100 which data point between Jan 31 - Feb 6, 2021, and all points you see are the data points compared to the highest data point.

search term popularity in Google Trends

Hence, Google trends don't actually show the search volume of the term but only show how the popularity of the keyword is changing over a very useful time.

But, while you do keyword research, you should not rely on Google trends alone. Always use other keyword research tools which show you average monthly search, keyword difficulty, etc. A combination of google trends and keyword tools is the best way to do keyword research.

how to use google trends the best way

There are several ways to use Google Trends, one of which is:

Checking seasonal trends

Seasonal trends are a keyword or topic which remains to trend at a specific time or a month. As google trends are actually made to check trends, there is no better tool than this.

By Identifying the keyword trend, you can target the keyword at the right time of the year and even target the right place.

For example, I'm adding a regional sweet dish known as "Modak" in google trends with the time range of "past 5 years" Now you can see that the trend of this sweet dish goes up to around august or September in a year and then becomes flat the whole year. It is because the sweet dish is mostly made at a festival known as Ganesh Chaturthi.

Sesonal trends in google trends

If you go below, you'll see that the dish is popular in "Goa and Maharashtra." It's because the Festival is mostly celebrated in these states. If you click the "subregion" button and then click the "city," you'll see that the cities in the coastal region of Maharashtra have the highest trend. If you go more specific, you'll find that this Festival is mostly celebrated in these cities.

Google Trends search term popularity by subregion and city

So, if you are writing a blog or making a recipe video on Modak, it is better to make it at the time of the Festival. If you are running a sweet shop, then it's better to target at the time of the Festival and for the specific region.

So you can see how easy and effective it is to find the seasonal trend on google trends. You can use this trend to plan your content and decide when to target.

Find related search queries and topics.

For example, if you search "SEMrush" on trends, below the "interest by subregion," you'll see two tabs, "related Topics" and "related queries." 

Related Topics are the topics that users also search for when they search SEMrush. And related queries are search queries which most people also search when they search the SEMrush.

related topics and related queries in google trends


By default, both "related topics" and "related queries" tabs show the "rising" option, which shows the terms which got an exponential rise in a period. There is also another option you can use here, which is "top." The "Top" option shows the terms which are actually the top terms where the topmost term is scaled 100, and other terms are scaled relatively.

With the help of related queries, you can find out what precisely the people are searching for.

Decide which region to target

Which keyword you should target also depends on the region you are targeting. And google trends can help you with it. Suppose you have a blog where you write about mobiles. So, we'll go to google trends and search "Apple," and we get the results here. These are the few countries where you see apple is most trending. 

keyword popularity by country in google trend

But when we add a new term, the whole scenario changes. We'll just add "Samsung" here, where you can see which country searches for apples the most and which searches for Samsung the most.

keyword popularity comparisonby country in google trend

You can target a specific country and even target specific regions in the country. Just click that specific country, and you can see which region is trending for which term.

Remember, all these things you can do for web search and YouTube search and even for image, news, and google shopping search.

With this, you can also check:

Daily trends and real-time trends

To check daily trends, you have to:

  • Go to the homepage of google trends
  • scroll down, and you'll find the "recently trending" tab. 
  • Click "More Trending Searches below the tab.

Now you will see two tabs above, Daily Search Trends and Real-Time Search Trends.

Daily Search Trends will show you trends specifically of each day. It can help you if you write or create videos on trending topics.

Daily search trend feature in google trends

Real-time trends, on the other side, will tell you trending things of the past 24 hours. The additional feature here is that you can check real-time trends of various categories, which is very helpful to catch trends faster.

Realtime search feature in google trends

In both these tabs, you can see trends per country.


So, now you probably understood how to use google trends for your keyword research. As I said earlier, always use google trends with other keyword tools, which will make your keyword research very effective.