How to delete or hide a YouTube channel

We often create a YouTube channel just to check, but then we are not interested in keeping it. It’s common to create a YouTube channel but does not add any content to it. So, you may want to delete that channel, but you probably don’t know how to delete it. Or you may even think of hiding your YouTube channel from others.

In this article, we’ll explain to you how you can delete or hide your YouTube channel. But before you delete or hide the channel, you should have an idea of what will happen if you delete or hide your channel.

When you Delete your YouTube channel:

  • Your videos and playlists will get permanently deleted. 
  • All your subscriptions to other YouTube channels will be deleted.
  • All your comments and replies to any comment on YouTube will get deleted.
  • All your thumbs up will be deleted.
  • Your search and watch history will be deleted.
  • Your paid subscriptions(YouTube Premium, YouTube TV, channel membership) will get canceled (you will get access till the billing cycle ends). 

Note: You’ll Not be able to restore it again.

When You Hide Your YouTube Channel:

  • Your activities and content on YouTube will become Private.
  • Your Channel Name, Likes, Subscriptions(to other channels), your channel subscriber will become private till you re-enable the channel.
  • Your comments and replies to the comment will be permanently deleted from the platform.

Now that you understand the consequences of deleting or hiding the channel let’s see how to do it.

How to delete a YouTube Channel

Follow these steps to delete your channel:

Step 1: Open your YouTube Channel Page

Step 2: Click the “Settings” Option below in the Left sidebar

Click "Settings" option on YouTube Channel Page

Step 3: In the left sidebar click “Advanced settings” which is the last option

Click "Advanced Settings" Option "Settings" tab of YouTube Channel

Step 4: Click the blue link with the text “Delete channel”

Click "Delete channel" on YouTube Channel Page

Step 5: After clicking the link, you’ll be redirected to the sign-in page where you have to add your password.

Google Sign in page to verify YouTube Account

Step 6: Click the second drop-down list stating “I want to permanently delete my content”

Click "I want to permanently delete my content"

Step 7: Tick 2 checkboxes explaining what things YouTube will delete if you delete the channel.

Tick checkboxes before deleting YouTube account

Step 8: Click the “Delete my content” button.

Click "Delete my content" button to delete YouTube channel

Step 9: Now, you’ll get a Popup with the heading “Delete your content?” Read all the instructions carefully, enter your email address and click the “Delete my content” link.

Confirm email Id to delete YouTube Channel

And that’s it you. Your YouTube channel is permanently Deleted Now.

How to Hide your YouTube Channel

To hide your YouTube Video, you have to repeat Step 1 to Step 5 of the channel deletion process.

Step 6: Click the first drop-down list stating “I want to hide my channel.”

Click "I want to hide my channel" to hide your YouTube channel

Step 7: Tick 3 checkboxes explaining what are the things that will get private and things that will get deleted if you hide the channel.

Tick checkboxes to hide YouTube channel

Step 8: Click the “Hide my Channel” button.

Click "Hide my content" button to hide YouTube Channel

Step 9: Now, you’ll get a Popup with the heading “Hide all your content?” Read all the instructions carefully, and click the “Hide my content” link.

Click "hide my content" link to hide your YouTube channel

And now your YouTube channel is private.

In case, If you want to re-enable the channel again

  • Sign in to YouTube.
  • Click profile picture and create a channel and go to fill out the form. It will return your YouTube channel. Don’t click “To use a business or other name, click here.” (It’ll create a new channel).
  • From video manager, make your videos and playlist visible.


YouTube is actually an excellent platform for a creator to be successful. However, you may get into a situation where you no longer want to keep your youtube channel. So, you can delete it with the help of the above instructions. There may chance that you don’t want to show your youtube channel for now. So, you can also hide your channel and re-enable it whenever you want.