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Teaching Classes

The curriculum that is created by our teachers is designed from scratch for each board and each grade. The curriculum will help you understand each concept as well as expose you to real questions.

Live classes taught by experienced teachers

Ability to re-schedule and re-take classes

Engaging concept based presentations

Video recordings of each class

Digital Books

Our beautifully designed books impart not only relevant content knowledge, but also equips you with the relevant techniques and skills for each question type.

Artistically designed

Concept based

Created by real teachers

Strategies to tackle each and every question type


Weekly chapter wise homework that contains genuine exam questions to solidify concepts learnt in class.

10,000+ questions with video explanations

Weekly scheduled homework

Chapter-wise homework

Detailed performance reports

Full Length Practice Tests

Through our program, you will appear for 10+ previous year papers. From creating exam strategies to polishing your weak subjects, mock tests help you be exam ready.

Online testing platform

Personalized reports, trends and analytics

Video Explanations for each question

Test series & Previous year Question Papers

Video Explanations

Every problem referred to in our program is accompanied by a Video Explanation. Every video delves into the fundamentals needed to answer the question and discusses the strategy to approach the question.

Created by Expert Tutors

Concept based video explanations

More than 10,000+ solved questions

Videos for past papers


Flashcards are a very effective method for retaining concepts and formulae. We have created thousands of flashcards, but also allow you to create and tag your own flashcards.

3000 + Flashcards

Every concept covered

Create your own flashcards

Tag and comments for quick searches

Personal Scheduler

Be on top of your course and organize your entire program with our to-do lists, schedulers and calendar functionality.

To-Do lists

Daily Notifications

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Calendars

Goals and Targets

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