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Education Can Change Lives

PaperVideo’s mission is to use innovation and technology to provide a holistic educational program to Indian students. As a team, we believe that quality education can unlock the potential of India’s young population and drive the country forward in today’s knowledge age.

Our Approach

As a team, it has taken nearly 24 months to create a program that we can be proud of. During those 2 years, we have conducted numerous re-works, discussions and workshops to arrive at a program that we believe can fulfil our mission. The current program is both comprehensive and holistic, and it will enable us to deliver a quality math program to all our school students through our learning app. Our current program will serve as a blueprint as we develop other programs.

Future Plan

Our five year aim is to cater to all the students in the following three categories:

  1. All subjects taught in the Indian K-12 school system
  2. Competitive exams like IIT JEE, CAT, GRE, etc
  3. Skill and professional development courses like digital marketing, machine learning, etc

All the programs will be developed and offered based on the PaperVideo teaching methodology and pedagogy.

Life At PaperVideo

The Team

The PaperVideo team is composed of teachers, curriculum developers, managers, designers, marketers and technology experts. Even though we come from diverse backgrounds and have diverse experiences, our passion for education and our belief in its transformative power is a common thread.

Anita Arya


Anita was a Math teacher at Cathedral and John Connon and Campion School for more than 10 years. She graduated with honours in Mathematics.

Chirag Arya


Chirag is a graduate of Georgia Tech and was recipient of the 2009 Georgia Tech Leader of the Year award. He is also the founder of iChef.

Sneha Arya


Sneha graduated with Honors from University of Texas with a dual degree - Actuaries and Business. She has a passion for curriculum development

Ganeshan Onkan

Project Manager

Ganeshan holds a master’s degree in both Information Technology and Project Management. At PaperVideo, he is responsible for total project management including negotiation, scheduling, team building, Human Resources, and providing day to day communication with the team. He has overall 10 years of experience. He fosters an environment of teamwork and ensures that strategy is clearly defined while overseeing performance and maintaining morale. His strong communication and client service skills enhance PaperVideo’s process driven management philosophy.

Siddhesh Palkar

Senior Content Head

Siddhesh leads the content team to create world-class curriculum of mathematics. He holds a Master’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Mumbai. Before coming to PaperVideo he spent three years in teaching mathematics for L. R. Tiwari College of Engineering and Oritental College of Commerce and Technology. He is passionate about making high quality and innovative education which will be available for as many people as possible.

Aishwarya Deorukhkar

Human Resources

Aishwarya holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management Studies with an experience in recruiting, hiring and employee management. Her emotional capabilities and problem solving nature benefits the employees. She is a strong believer in the power of positive thinking at workplace. She’s been recruiting top talent to PaperVideo.

Alisha Dhokad

Creative Designer

Alisha Dhokad is a graduate in Life Sciences but her knack for art and creativity landed her in PaperVideo as a Creative Designer. She is a self-taught artist and her attention to detail gives the best output. Previously, she has worked with Interpret Media. She has also worked as a freelancer in the past and continues to work with Propshop24 as a collaborative designer.

Jini Jain

Creative Designer

Jini is a graduate in Botany and has done certified course in Graphic Designing from A-Plus. She has worked as a freelancer and completing daily agenda faster than expected is her forte. Her creative bent of mind has led her to showcase artsy skills through her page on social media.

Sudeep Kotal

Digital Marketing Executive

Sudeep is not your average Digital Marketer, caffeine dependent and a tech lover, who is motivated by technology that changes the way we work, communicate and learn. He holds the degree of bachelor's in Management Studies from Mumbai University and has worked with many happening brands in the country.

Aarti Jain

Digital Marketing Executive

Aarti Jain has completed her Bachelor’s degree in Mass Media. She believes in being a leader rather than a follower. She has always shown active participation in college fest. Her command over language has led her to host several events. Here, at PaperVideo she is known for her creative ideas and critical analysis.

Laukik Cheulkar

Content Developer

Laukik holds a postgraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. His work has been published in reputed journals. He has demonstrated working experience in the e-learning industry as a curriculum developer.

Vidya Tavhare

Content Developer

Vidya is post graduate in math. She used to be an assistant professor in college for past 4 years and now has committed herself to create attractive content as a content developer for PaperVideo as she believes that math as a subject should always be easy and fun rather than a phobia for most of the students.

Shipra Dang Kataria

Content Developer/ Editor

Shipra is a maths content developer and editor at PaperVideo. She is BSc(H) math from Delhi University and M. Ed from GGSIPU and former content developer with CBLpro and various other leading companies and publishing houses in India. She has completed a dissertation on "A comparative study of the relevance of philosophical ideas of Paulo Freire and Henry Giroux in education". She has also authored 19 books with Bookman India and holds an experience of more than 7 years in the field of content development.

Sonali Patil

Content Developer

Sonali holds a graduate degree in Mathematics. She is passionate about teaching and has 4 years of experience as an assistant teacher. Her problem solving ability is an asset to our company. Her hard work and dedication towards work helps the company to achieve the goals.

Pratyusha ACDS

Content Developer/Video Tutor

Pratyusha is a post graduate in Electronics Telecommunication. She has done her specialisation project under nanotechnology in collaboration with IIT Bombay. She has also published three papers in international journals and works as a visiting faculty at vidyalankar. Her fun nature ensures positive environment around her.

Nishat Shaikh

Math Video Tutor

Nishat is a post graduate in Information Technology. She was a lecturer at engineering college and now she works as a video tutor at PaperVideo. As teaching is her passion, she joined PaperVideo as the right platform to give a new direction to teaching in this digital era. Her ability to understand students and give a proper solution comes as an asset to PaperVideo.

Heena Haldankar

Math Video Tutor

Heena is a math video tutor at PaperVideo. She has 12 years of classroom teaching experience and is a faculty of Engineering Mathematics and faculty of grade 11th, 12th science boards. She believes she is adding value to her work by teaching students with use of technology.

Mansha Kotwani

Math Video Tutor

Mansha Kotwani earned her P.hD. in Applied Mathematics from National Institute of Technology (NIT, Surat) in 2014. She has conducted her research work on Mathematical Modelling, Computational Biology and Finite Element Method. She has published 10 research papers in International Journals and presented 20 papers in National and International Conferences. She has 12 years’ of experience in teaching Mathematics at undergraduate and graduate level. She is appointed as an expert at the university level for Applied Mathematics Syllabus revision in various engineering branches.

Heena Singh

Math Video Tutor

Ms. Heena Singh is M.Tech. in Digital communication. She is a Guest lecturer at DJ Sanghavi Engineering college Mumbai and former Physics teacher in NES International IB world school Mumbai. She has pen down two international Journals and is currently working with Papervideo as Math video tutor. She has overall 6 years of teaching experience.

Priya Darshini

Math Video Tutor

Priya holds post graduate degree in Mathematics and now works at PaperVideo as Math Video Tutor. Her passion for teaching reflects in her work. Her fluency as well as expert teaching skills ensures quality content.

Surya Mitra

Online Math Tutor

Surya is an engineering graduate from IIT-Kgp. He is passionate about Math and teaching - from kids to teachers. He works with an NGO to popularize Math and Science and to improve the quality of teaching Math in Schools. He has 32 years of experience and still continues to teach with the same enthusiasm.

Aashay Mane

Online Math Tutor

Aashay is a maths graduate from Mumbai University and former visiting lecturer at one of the leading coaching institute Nayaks tutorial and Math video lecturer at Jaro toppscholars . He holds an experience of 7 years in teaching.