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PaperVideo is Free*

PaperVideo is Free*

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

- Nelson Mandela

Live Online Classes Taught by India’s Best Teachers

Live weekly classes taught by our teachers using a curriculum that will make concepts come to life.

Refer to Beautiful Digital Books

Our engaging digital books have been created with visually rich content to help you visualize each concept, making it easier to understand and retain concepts.

Practice with Homework and Tests

Practice with chapter wise homework or previous years papers. Our test analytics engine will help pinpoint the chapters and concepts that you are weak in.

Solve your Doubts Instantly

All the questions on our homework and past exam papers come with step-by-step video explanations.

All in One Dashboard

Your entire journey in the course as well as your to-do lists and schedule is easily available on one dashboard screen.

Access PaperVideo Now

Access live classes, digital books, class recordings, 10,000+ videos, homeworks, tests, flashcards, lessons and much more on either our website or apps

Live Classes Engaging Teaching Material Beautifully designed digital Textbooks Targeting Homeworks Chapterwise and Full Portion Tests 10,000+ Video Explanations 1000+ Flashcards All In One Dashboard

Courses Currently Offered

We currently offer Math program for grades 8 – 12 for the CBSE, ICSE, Maharashtra and other Indian boards. More subjects and more boards will be added very soon.

Course Structure

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